Java Cultural Wedding part one

Wedding pictures, Solo Basahan wedding dress is one of  Java Indonesia
Photos Wedding, Solo Basahan
Photos Wedding, Solo Basahan
Photos Wedding, Wedding style Solo Basahan is one style of wedding that is colored basahan from the tradition of the nobles and the king of Java.
Style Solo Basahan Keprabon Java Indonesia

The significance of the Basahan clothing is a symbol basahan submit to the will of God will journey to come. Clothing basahan bride tank top as a breastplate, dodot cloth or shawl, or scarf sampur Cinde, sekar abrit (red) and jarik fabric color matching, as well as the bloated form of a series of pandan leaves, flowers mean as repellent reinforcements.

Clothing Basahan groom form a patterned shawl or similar circuitry dodot bride, kuluk (color choice is increasingly diverse, do not only as the tradition of palace blue) as a head covering, Stagen, belt buckle, epek, Cinde sekar abrid pants, dagger sheath ladrang, pufferfish, under kris, slippers and jewelry necklace stretching.

Custom bridal makeup fashion Java Solo / Surakarta solo basahan :

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