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Way Makeup Girl Solo Basahan - In the tradition of Javanese culture, marriage is always marked by a series of ceremonies that contain noble values​​. In this case, the function and role of bridal makeup is very important. A makeup artist is not only required a master at the art of makeup and its paesnya, but also need to understand the implementation of traditional wedding procession and its meaning contained in it. The procedure for Solo Princess Bride wedding and basahan. Highlights include three things, namely the procession along with trinkets custom equipment before and after the wedding, along with paes makeup, and bridal fashion. Way Makeup Girl Solo Basahan, Here is a wedding and fashion makeup Solo basahan :

The bride makeup - In Solo wedding makeup, including the Solo princess wedding, usually follows the princesses in the past. The skin is silky smooth, clean and yellow thanks to their perseverance and crafts ranging from herbal beauty care, Mangir, hundred for the hair, bathing and drinking herbal spices. Way Makeup Girl Solo Basahan.
Way Makeup Girl Solo Basahan, wedding dress
Images 1, The bride -  Solo basahan
Wedding dreses, Way Makeup Girl Solo Basahan
Images 2, The bride -  Solo basahan
Way Makeup Girl Solo Basahan, The equipment used is comb tatasan, comb centhing, hairpin, hairpin, harnal, feter or black laces and rubber, circular knitting of nylon (harnet), and hair spray. While the accessories that is a teeter cundhuk, centhung two, cundhuk mentul nine-reasons-style Kalas, sempyok shaped chest eagle and arrive wiji cucumber.

The way your hair :
  • combed hair is made sprawl right and left last tied into one.
  • Hair split into two parts
  • Give a given length knit sliced ​​pandan leaves with a puncture harnal
  • Cover with remaining knitting pandanus had hair, keep the rounded shape.
  • Puncture with harnal, then continue installing bun
  • After that plug the round knitting or harnet that hair looks neat and strong
  • Finally attach the knitting jasmine, which edges are last pulled and tightened ropes, sticks with harnal.
  • Replacing jewelry: two pairs centhung, located at the base of the clamp, attach the nine menthul cundhuk Kalas-style fruit with rearward facing grounds. Attach accessories semyok eagle-shaped, situated in the middle - middle bun. Attach the chest arrived wiji cucumber on top of the right bun.
The way wear makeup :
  • Clean your face with cleansing milk, and then given a refresher. After that the entire face and neck were given a moisturizer and foundation bubuhi yellowish
  • Make your eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil-shaped deer ranggah (such as deer antlers), eyebrows arched upwards towards the tip towards bribery and ranggahnya, starting from the middle of the eyebrows, the tip toward the dropper.
  • Eye shadows created by the way: lower eyelids are colored brown and the upper eyelids light green blur. Should be given lashes mascara to look manicured.
  • For cheeks use blush faintly red color
  • Use a lipstick red betel
  • Make Laler moles of betel leaf rhombic put between your eyebrows.
  • Bubuhi last seen with the wedding's body cream or foundation.
Way Makeup Girl Solo Basahan,There should not be forgotten is the ornament and use some decorative bun bun as well as provide complementary earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings look so pretty and beautiful.

Custom bridal makeup fashion Java Solo / Surakarta solo basahan :
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