Way Makeup Boys Solo Basahan

Surakarta has a distinctive manner. In the traditional family, marriage ceremony performed according to the tradition of which consists of many sub-ceremonies. To undergo a marriage that is so impressive and typical of the course should know how way makeup boys Solo Basahan  and way makeup girl Solo basahan. Solo discussion groom dress according to myth, basahan is the work of an angel that turned into a human being because of a curse. Then the angel was a dancer in the palace and have the freedom in the work to make the dress dancer. Because the clothes are made ​​by the angel catching the Sunan made ​​clothing into oversized clothes for her sons wedding. The discussion is believed to be the wedding dress top level. Today, the court can not prohibit people taking basahan. Assess if the Java community still remains as a result basahan sourced from the palace of culture that should be glorified and now also a lot of the public who wish to learn way makeup boys Solo Basahan. People assume when the bride wore basahan it seems like a noble or royal family. They glorify basahan anyway, because the meaning of the symbol contains a complex and complete.

The following is Way Makeup Boys Solo Basahan, makeup and hair groom inspired by the king's palace Kasunanan Surakarta. On top of the head, the groom wore a Kuluk Kanigoro (sort of a hat) with yellow stripes, called Tarak. Jewelry that is above Kuluk called Nyamat. The groom also wore a flower called Sumping made ​​of half-blooming jasmine flowers and stabbed by a stick. Sumping is worn by the groom tucked on the left and right ear.
Wedding Pictures, Solo Basahan
Way Makeup Boys Solo Basahan, clothing basahan groom form a patterned shawl or dodot same with the bride, kuluk (color choice is increasingly diverse, not only as the tradition of palace blue) as a head covering, Stagen, belt buckle, epek, Cinde sekar abrid pants, dagger sheath ladrang, pufferfish, under kris, slippers and jewelry necklace stretching. Ageng Sikepan Clothing / Clothing Solo basahan Keprabon is one style of clothing that is colored basahan tradition of the nobles and the king of Java, which until now remained much in demand. The groom wore a cloth dodotan equipped with the kind of dress shirt Takwa beskap old should only be used by Ingkang Sinuhun only. For the bride wore a cloth shawl or dodot equipped with a long-sleeved bolero short pieces of velvet material as the cover shoulders and chest.
Wedding Pictures, Solo Basahan
Way Makeup Boys Solo Basahan [Photography pictures] How to groom your hair is not as complicated as the bride. After the groom his hair cleaned, dried, and then trimmed. Wearing kuluk Matak with a bluish tint. Right and left ears tucked jasmine. How to apply makeup and cosmetics that are used to groom the same as the pattern of Solo Princess. Just added to the cream (foundation) or can be replaced with the same color foundation. After a made-up face is thin, then the entire body is smeared with a foundation (cream) and the equally vague.
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