Wedding Dress Java Solo Princess

Wedding Dress Java - Solo Princess,  Solo Princess is a makeup that is used by the daughters of the king in the great days of ceremonies observed by the kingdom of Solo.
Solo Princess I
Solo Princess II

Bridal Beauty Solo Java is a form of cultural work in a meaningful and high philosophy. The tradition was inspired by the clothing fashion of the nobles and the king's palace and the Palace Mangkunegaran Kasunanan Surakarta, Central Java. There are two styles of Solo Javanese wedding dress, bridal dress and wedding dress Solo Princess, Solo basahan.

Solo Princess - Women I
At Solo Princess wedding dress, to consist of the bride at the top of the kebaya and batik cloth in the bottom. At the top, bridal using kebaya made of black velvet, green, blue, red, purple or brown. Velvet adds glamor and elegance to the bride. Kebaya kebaya used is up to knee length in front of the bride and wear BEF or New Lice. In New Fleas brooch mounted jointly and severally or stacking of three so it looks beautiful.
Solo Princess - Women II
At the bottom, using special batik cloth that Sido Mukti, Sido Mulyo, and Sido Asih, and diwiru (creases on the front of the fabric) ranges from 9, 11 or 13 in number. When the bride walked, pleat would wave like a peacock's tail.  
Solo Princess - Women III
As a complementary fashion, slippers are made of velvet with matching color with wedding kebaya will make the perfect bridal look.

For Solo, Princess wedding dress, the groom wore Beskap Harjan Langen, collared shirt and bermanset combined with inner patterned the same as the bride of Sido Mukti, Sido Sido Mulyo or Mercy.

Solo Princess - men I
Jewelry worn groom wear a brooch on the collar left chest, and wearing necklaces or necklace Karset stretching with a small brooch in the center called Singetan. Karset tip is pulled to the left and tucked in a pocket beskap left. At the waist, belt and Boro are made of materials Cinde.
Solo Princess - Men II
As a symbol of valor, the groom wore a dagger-shaped and given Ladrang Kolong Kris Flowers. Kris Ladrang be carved on the stalk and are called pendok lngkaran jewelry shaped like a ring round the so-called ooze and Mendak. 
Solo Princess - Men

Keris is tucked in the back of the belt. Wedding Dress Java - Solo Princess

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