Wedding Dress Culture Palembang

Wedding Dress Culture Palembang, the following description of the wedding dress culture of Palembang Indonesia :

Wedding Dress culture palembang I
Wedding Dress culture palembang II
Wedding Dress culture palembang III
Wedding Dress culture palembang IV
Wedding Dress culture palembang V
One of the wedding dress that is still used in traditional wedding style ie Aesan Gede Palembang. In the past, fashion is fashion king of Srivijaya greatness which is then translated as a wedding dress Palembang. Beauty fashion style elegance Aesan Cede imaged figure nobility. Dodot pink shirt (pink) combined with songket cloth, lotus and scarves featuring the elegance and beauty.

Princess wedding dress I
Princess wedding dress II
The beauty of the perfect dress Cede Aesan when collided with a sparkling gold-plated jewelry found in the hands, feet and neck. For example like flat bracelets, bangles and bracelets sempuru canoe found in the hands of the bride, as well as tread jajo necklaces that adorn the neck. Not to forget, rings, handkerchiefs segitigo, anklets and slippers made ​​of songket / velvet embroidered and pending at the waist.
Princess wedding dress III
Srivijaya kingdom majestic fashion heritage is also present on the groom's style Aesan Gede. Songket sarong and a pair of satin embroidered with gold thread are paired with golden jewelry to create an undeniable beauty. 
Men wedding dress I
Men wedding dress II
Men wedding dress III
Men wedding dress IV
Sparkling gold and luster that glows in songket sarong provides its own value. Just as with the bride, the groom was wearing a handkerchief segitigo, bracelets, and slippers embroidered pending. So if a picture of the culture of wedding palembang.

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