Indonesia Yogyakarta Cultural Wedding

Indonesia Yogyakarta Cultural Wedding, in this post I want to publish wedding dress culture of Yogyakarta, namely Paes Ageng and Princess : 

Yogyakarta Paes Ageng : 
Bridal makeup and fashion typical of Yogyakarta certainly inspired by the tradition of the bride dress style Kraton Yogyakarta. Bridal yogyakarta Paes Ageng use or seam dodot complete with special jewelry. Paes black with golden hand on the forehead, hair bun bowl with a dangling elephant ngolig beautiful, and Sumping and accessories unique to the bride. At the groom, wore kuluk adorn the head, ukel ngore (tail dangling hair) equipped with a small comb and cundhuk mentul.

Wedding Culture, Yogyakarta Paes Ageng

Yogyakarta Princess :
Princess Bride Yogyakarta using buckling chignon decorated with a large rear facing mentul mound and the plate for the bride. Using the traditional kebaya dress decorated with a long velvet gold embroidery and batik fabric prada. But with many modern touches, comes the style that inspired Kesatrian Modification of Yogyakarta makeup lady. 
Wedding Culture, Yogyakarta Princess
The difference is that used clothing is cohesive fabric lace kebaya materials prada, chignon bun decorated cundhuk mentul bending (rocking and development) and dangling strands of jasmine in the chest. The groom dressed in white beskap combined subordinate and blangkon prada batik cloth headgear. Indonesia Yogyakarta Cultural Wedding

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