Pre Wedding in River

Pre Wedding in Hot Water Baths, baths with hot water levels one of which is a hot water bath ciparay located in the tourist area of ​​the Mist Mountain Salak National Park not far from the entrance way or door Cibungbulang II, of course, these locations are in Kampung Ciparay, Gunung Sari village, District Pamijahan, Bogor, Indonesia.
Pre Wedding in River I
Hot water bath Ciparay has three heated pools and five baths, views of the river in the region Ciparay hot water is also so beautiful. Because of its beauty that it is often used as a place or location Pre Wedding shoot.
This beautiful place also has a thick trees that shade the road leading to the location of Ciparay hot water, 
while blue-green panorama of hills looks so distant, there are more than 200 steps that must be traversed to reach the location of Hot Water Ciparay. With steps relatively compact and not so steep, the road to Hot Water Ciparay is relatively quite easy.
Froth Cikuluwung clear waters, endless bubbling when it fell to pound the rocks. Along the river and a beautiful environment, giving the impression for visitors Ciparay Hot Water

Pre Wedding in River III
Number of beauty and the beauty of the Ciparay Hot Water can provide to you all how to express yourself with your partner to do the pre-wedding photo that is so memorable and the other from the others.
Pre Wedding in River II
Hopefully this information can benefit us all and can provide inspiration to do pre-wedding photo that is different from common practice by many people. greeting smiles to us all :)

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